How the Conservative Political Machine is spinning the Orlando Massacre

Conservatives, here is how Fox News and the conservative political machine is spinning the Orlando massacre for you.

“It’s not a tragedy” meaning there’s someone to blame (terrorists and Obama).

“It’s not a hate crime” meaning you can ignore the fact the victims were part of the LGBT community.

“It’s an ideological attack on America” meaning they can shift the focus to anti-Muslim rhetoric.

“He killed so many people he had to reload, he must have been trained” meaning you can ignore questions about the weapon that was used, the size of the magazine, the ease with which the AR-15 can be used to kill multiple people (despite not being an automatic weapon/assault rifle) and it’s availability for legal purchase in Florida.

“He did this during Ramadan ‘season'” meaning you can and focus on his affiliations and anti-Muslim. It reinforces the idea that the war is between America and an Abrahamic faith instead of the World and ideological extremists.

This is how the conservative political machine claims the narrative for their own convenience. With erasure and an appeal to fears and biases the machine can turn a tragedy, where reasonable questions can and should be asked, into a tool for their self-interests. Don’t let them fleece you. You can ask questions about the Muslim extremists and accept this as a hate crime. You can disagree with the ‘lifestyle’ of the LGBT community and still feel sorrow for the tragedy. You can be an advocate for gun rights and ask whether weapons like the AR-15 should be banned. Your brain is big enough to carry contradicting thoughts at the same time. It’s called being an independent thinking evolving human. Let yourself grapple with these questions, lest YOU become an ideologue. Don’t let politicians and the media over simplify it for you. You’re smarter and more compassionate than they think you are.