Here’s what Trump supporters mean when they tell us what they think will happen if Trump doesn’t win

BuzzFeed posted a listicle in May 2016 titled “Here’s What Trump Supporters Think Will Happen If He Doesn’t Win

The progressives in my social media feed used this listicle as proof of the limited thinking of Trump supporters. While I understand that Tump supporters are sometimes violent, openly racist, and xenophobic, they are also difficult to understand and often the target of mocking. I’m wary of some of the rhetoric that I hear from anti-Trump folks. Self-identified liberals never seem to miss an opportunity to call out people they disagree with as stupid and uneducated. I for one believe in the sensibility of the American people so I want to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, even Trump supporters. Here’s my interpretation of what Trump supporters really mean. These aren’t my thoughts, these are just my sensible interpretation of their thoughts.


Matt Stopera

“God will smite us! U.S.A.”

Meaning: America is in a bad place. We are delving deeper into a Godless chasm that the Almighty will surely smite.



Matt Stopera

“Our freedom to speak our minds will suffer.”

Meaning: Whether you disagree with Trump or not, when we start going down a path where a person cannot speak freely we begin sacrificing freedom for political correctness, which I believe is a dangerous proposition.



Matt Stopera

“All hell will break loose if the people put Clinton or Sanders in office!”

Meaning: I’m concerned that if we elect a liberal candidate to the presidency we plunge into a state of despair that will ultimately be impossible to control.


Matt Stopera

“Communism will form if Trump doesn’t win! #Trump”

Meaning: I’m worried that the United States will begin to move away from the democratic republic we currently have and toward a socialist state and potentially an unsustainable and less free communist state.


Matt Stopera

“If Donald Trump doesn’t win we will be a bankrupt third world country overrun by illegals”

Meaning: Two things will happen. First our debt issues will remain unresolved and potentially get worse and ultimately leave the entire country bankrupt lowering quality of life for all Americans. Second, I have serious concerns about undocumented immigrants and their affect on our economy. If more people from third world countries come to our country then we will become a third world country.


Matt Stopera

“Education will get worse #trump”

Meaning: I care a great deal about education in our country. I believe Donald Trump is the best candidate to fix our broken education system.


Matt Stopera

“If Hillary wins 1 world order”

Meaning: Electing an establishment candidate like Hillary Clinton will be the same as endorsing the plutocracy and oligarchy perpetuating the subjugation of citizens throughout the world.


Matt Stopera

“If Burnie Sanders wins the U.S. will be bankrupt!”

Meaning: I am skeptical about Burnie’s democratic socialism and whether it is the right economic system for our country.



Matt Stopera


Meaning: What would it say about us if  we elect Hillary Clinton to the presidency then she becomes a convicted criminal?

“Not Everything’s FREE!! —Bernie”

Meaning: Bernie Sanders is endorsing a warfare state where we remove the incentive for citizens to do better for themselves. It’s unrealistic to think that we can provide everyone with everything for nothing.


Matt Stopera

“$15 an hour min. would kill our country!!!”

Meaning: Doubling the federal minimum wage will strangle small businesses and hurt our economy.


Matt Stopera

“we did not have this problem when slavery was in”

Meaning: “we did not have this problem when slavery was in”


Matt Stopera

“If Bernie gets it, the people he wants to tax 95% to pay for things may move away.”

Meaning: Bernie will tax the rich and they will leave resulting in less tax dollars for the country as a whole.


Matt Stopera

“Moving to Italy”

Meaning: “Moving to Italy”

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Here’s What Trump Supporters Think Will Happen If He Doesn’t Win