No, Joel Osteen did not endorse Donald Trump

No. Joel Osteen did not endorse Donald Trump.

Social media has been circulating false news that the televangelist had endorsed the divisive presidential candidate, but Osteen did say Trump was a ‘good man’ on Fox News host Brian Kilmeade’s radio show.

Osteen: I’m not really up to speed on all the politics… I think [the message “making America great again”] resonates… maybe the country is not where we should be and let’ get back to where we were…
Mr. Trump is an incredible communicator and brander, like President Clinton said, and he’s been a friend of our ministry, he’s a good man.

via Fox News Radio (clip begins at appx. 4:27)

This is part of the problem with the way we share media today. We read headlines and don’t look read the source. We never look for the original source. We don’t care about context. We only care about affirming our ideas about others. We imprisoning ourselves in an echo chamber resembling Plato’s Allegory of the Cave.